Why Buy From Us?

There are over 7000 dealerships in the State of North Carolina and we WANT you to choose us! Whipple Auto Sales is a used car dealership built on core values: Honesty, Integrity and Determination. Our staff is one hundred percent dedicated to selling YOU a car. Even better, we don’t want to sell you just one car. We want to sell you your next 10 cars. And then, we want to sell your family and friends their next 10 cars. No matter the circumstances, the moment you walk through the front door, send us an email, or call us about a vehicle, we are going to do everything we can to help you find a vehicle that meets all of your needs and more importantly, one you WANT to drive every day!

We BELIEVE we have the cleanest used cars in the entire State of North Carolina. We provide a Carfax report with all of the vehicles in our inventory. We stand by our cars and will always work for our customers.

There are a lot of automobile dealers that will tell you they are different, but when you walk in their doors, it’s just the same old thing. At Whipple Auto Sales, we play it straight. You know what you are buying, what you are paying, and who you are buying from!

Whipple Auto Sales
3800 Opportunity Lane
Raleigh, NC 27603

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